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pd_fichallenge's Journal

The Pushing Daisies Fan Fiction Challenge
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Welcome to the Pushing Daisies fan fiction challenge @ pd_fichallenge. Check out the most recent challenge, and if you'd like to fulfill it, write and submit your post to the community before the deadline. After the deadline, anyone may vote for their favorite stories, and the winners will be congratulated and given a slice of Ned's pie a snazzy banner for bragging rights in their journal.

1. All ratings are allowed from G to NC-17. Any story length from 100 words on up is welcome. All types of fan fic are welcome, be it general or including a het or slash pairing. However, no Real person fanfiction is allowed here.

2. When posting a story to the community, please include at least:

Pairing/s (if any) or characters:
Warnings, including spoilers:

3. Post all stories under an lj-cut. If you are unfamiliar with how to use the lj-cut, please contact a mod to help. That's what we are here for.

The mods are 823freckles and whomever

pdficathon // daisies_fanfic // pd_playtime

If you'd like to affiliate with this community, please ask here.

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